October 15

15 10 2007

9:18 P.M. EST: Goodnight, everyone. It’s time to finish my homework, and to SLEEP THANK GOD I LOVE SLEEP.

8:16 P.M. EST: My dad came over today, we talked for a little bit – I gave him my progress report. He was happy. Then.. HE GAVE MY PHONE BACK!!! I’m really happy, because he told me that he would try to spend time with my now, and that is all I wanted.

5:20 P.M. EST: I have just been informed that my dad is not going to let me on my computer unless it is for homework. Ugh, I feel SO STUPID FOR FIGHTING HIM.

3:09 P.M. EST: I’m home,today was a boring day. I had the same sub for two classes, American Lit and Biology. We got our progress reports today, ALL A’S! And an A+ in bio. -does a little dance. I really want to get a domain, and hosting, but I’M BROKE.

7:53 A.M. EST: I’m at school, in Computer Applications. How fun.. NOT. This class is the most boring class I have ever taken. All we do is type in Word. WOOHOO.

Haha, well today one of my best friends is having surgery. I didn’t get to talk to her today since my dad took my cell phone away. I hope that she will be ok.




One response

15 10 2007

heeyyy sweetie. im fine. my throat hurts a little. i know you didn’t get to say good luck and what not but i felt like you were with me in the operatingg room. ilyy 🙂

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