October 16

16 10 2007

8:10 P.M EST: I’m tired, like all nights. I may go to bed early, but probably not. I never do. Send in questions for my q&a please. I may post again, maybe not.

4:06 P.M EST: Home, no homework. I’m so happy!1!!! I had student council today, and our teacher advisor says that “OMGZ OUR PREZ RIGHT NOW HAS PUT SO MUCH WORK IN AND WE SHOULDN’T HAVE ELECTIONS BUT I CANT SAY THAT SO YOU DECIDE.” Well, I want to run – and all my friends want to run, so my old history teacher says REVOLT and i LOL’d at that. Tell me jokes.

11:35 A.M EST: I’m at the library, sitting on the computer. Every time I go to update this, their Internet Explorer has a “fatal error” and closes on me. So here I am; breaking the rules, using Firefox – which is fine because me and Firefox are bffl’s. ILY MOZILLA. So, here’s whats happening:

  • My nose hurts.
  • I have American Literature next, and a test on Act II of “The Crucible”.
  • I haven’t finished my Spanish homework yet, and it’s due in 2 hours.
  • A girl who sits across from me in Biology needs to shush – SHES SO LOUD!!!

7:05 A.M. EST: School time – computer apps test taking time. Que triste. I have like 5 pages of math homework to do, so I’m off. Oh – I woke up 20 minutes late today so I’m exahusted. :O < thats me yawning.




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