October 17

17 10 2007

8:16 P.M:i’m super tired. eh. i gotta take a shower, and i hate taking them at my dad’s house.

11:38 P.M: “hey lady, get off my back!” I wish I would have said that to this librarian who hates me. I was on digg, reading the comments and shes like “IS DAT EMAIL” I’m like “no” and she walks away saying “you’re not supposed to be in chat either.” … SHUT UP. I’m not doing anything wrong, and she has a problem with everything I do. I once was going to be late to my class, and my teacher knew, so I went to print this thing off here and she had a fit – saying how after the bell I’m not allowed to be in the library and I’m like “let me print it off” and shes like no, so I did anyways; and she got all mad, but whatever, I don’t care what she thinks.
What’s going on:
– I’m bored.
– I really want people to send in questions for my q&a, just go to the page, and comment!
– Thanks Kelly, since you are one of the main reasons I get hits. Click Kelly > under friends.
Also, Kelly has given me inspiration for most, maybe ALL of my pages, and ideas.

6:57 A.M: 27 views yesterday! A RECORD FOR ME! Thanks, everyone – you’ve reassured me that I should keep on doing this. Like everyday; I’m at school. Just sitting here. So yesterday, I went to student council, and left in the middle for a new club called PING PONG CLUB. So my friends and I went there only to see that it was moved to next tuesday. -teartear 🙂 Later today, I’m going to my dad’s for a night – hope it’s different than Sunday. ahk.




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