October 23

23 10 2007

11:42 AM EST: I’m seriously trying to decide whether or not I should “LiveBlog” my life, since my life is boring. I tend to say the same stuff, but until I can think of anything else to do with this blog, I’ll keep LiveBloggin’.

7:05 AM EST: What a bad morning. I told my mom I used my phone to contact my friends mom, to tell her to call the counselor so I can pickup my firends homework. Well, my mom flipped out and told me to leave my phone at home. Then we got into a fight, and my stepdad joined in and started screaming at me (ughhh idwhhamGAM) – don’t ask. I probably won’t get any thing for my birthday now, because I told her she doesn’t get me anything, (which other than food, a bed, clothes, and a roof; she doesn’t..) she got all huffy puffy i’ll remember that. Then when she dropped me off to school, I told he have a nice day (NOT SARCASTIC) and all she did was grunt. Omg my life is emo -tear tear.

just kiddin’.




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