November 29 – WHY?

29 11 2007

7:18 AM EST: 😦 you guys didn’t leave my mom birthday comments!:(!!!! omgz tommorows friday, buddies! tgitdbf!!
(thank god it’s the day before friday). send me in quesions so i have something to do pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


November 28 – Happy Birfday

28 11 2007


7:17 A.M. EST: ya it’s my moms birthday – leave her birthday comments. she’s 29.. not. 😀 Theres nothing going on today; so if something comes up I’LL TELL YOU! ❤

November 27 – Student Ambassador

27 11 2007

8:00 A.M EST: During first hour today, I was asked to walk around one of our new freshamn to all his classes. Moving to our high schools is a BIG thing, since we have 3 schools over a 305 acre campus; and most of us have classes in them all. So that means walking. A lot. It’s a quarter mile from one to another.
So, naturally; he was nervous. I showed him to all his classes and it was all good. :)!

November 26 – Back To School

26 11 2007

7:15 A.M EST: back. to. school. 😦 I woke up at 4:00 A.M. so my dad could drive me back home so I could go to school.
SO I’M TIRED – MY EYES HURT. eh. Get me more hits please!
o noes i’m falling aslee.. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

November 23 – The Day After

23 11 2007

3:23 PM EST: I hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving. I know I did. I couldn’t move for a half an hour! I’ve been off on break since Wednesday, so it’s all good. The only time I’ve gotten out of my PJ’s is for dinner yesterday. I’MMA BUM! Get me more hits, please.

November 20 – Apple Bottom Jeans

20 11 2007

7:10 A.M. EST: Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots with the fur. The whole club was lookin at her. She hit the flo (hit the flo).

🙂 ily flo-rida!!!1!

My Hair Color = blue.
So, as you see – there is a title for this blog. I’ve decided that i’m gonna put something about whats in the blog in the subject. IT’S SUMTHIN’ NEW.
stop world hunger

November 19

19 11 2007

7:10 A.M EST: Happy MONDAY, people. So, this weekend I went to the circussssss! It was so fun. On Saturday, I got my hair cut, and she gave me this hair dye-r thing, so today I have pink in my hairz. LOL AT ME!
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My rice count: 310