December 24 – Merry Christmas Eve!

24 12 2007

11:09 A.M EST: Happy Holidays, everyone! I know I haven’t updated in a while; I’ve just been so busy! I just came on here to wish everyone a Merry (Insert Your Holiday Here), and a Happy New Year. I sincerely hope that next year is your best year ever.
Love, Justin


December 20 – One More Morning

20 12 2007

8:37 PM EST: I was trying to login today, and my password wouldn’t work. I was all like O NOES I R HAX0R3D. :X
I swear this week has to be the most jam-packed of my life. Everything possible is due, I have about 5 billion tests/quizzes, and I have to finish reading a book. AND NOT TO MENTION I’M ALREADY ON HOLIDAY BRAIN! Sorry if I don’t post a lot; I’m super busy.


19 12 2007

7:10 AM EST: My list of things to do:
– Go to the bake sale, sell my cookiez.
– Go to a vocal workshop at 2:30 for a play.
– Finish reading Huck Finn.
– Study for my AGS test tommorow.
– Study for my Huck Finn test friday.
– Write me rough draft and final draft for Huck Finn: Should it be taught?
So, I’m busy today…. :X

November 18 – :(!!!

18 12 2007

7:27 AM EST: I had a snow day yesterday. :D! BORING! I wanted to make a snowman, but didn’t. My hair is all colored today; red and blue.. UGLY. I’m tired this morning. 😦
MY LIFE IS DEPRESSINg; JKJK. Almost Christmas break!

December 15 – LION KING!!

15 12 2007

5:46 PM EST: I just got back from LION KING LIVE!! It was absolutely amazing. One of the best I’ve ever seen. When the lights went down, and what was to be Rafiki came out and started singing “The Circle of Life”, my eyes started to water.. like CRY.
At the end, after the bows; one of the cast members (Nala in our case) stepped forward to advertise their cause – “Broadway Fights AIDS”, and asked if we could donate money. I donated all I could. I wish I could set up a donation fund on here for a charity. When I get my .com, I may get google adsense, and any money I get from that may go to charity. Or at least most of it.
I’m still in the process of setting up more things on here, like I said in my earlier post..

11:39 AM EST: I’ve had some ideas of what I could do. I could do myspace layouts, and put them on here; I could do a weekly YouTube thingy where I find like 5-10 really cool videos; in certain categories.. OH I COULD TO A VIDEOCAST with them.. I was also thinking I could find cool photoshop brushes. Or, I could do personalized signs; on photoshop! I like that idea, but I don’t know who would want them. I may do all of them! Today I’m going to see LION KING LIVE in Downtown Detroit.. I’mma be CRANKIN DAT LIUN KING! I need more “friends” (affiliates), so just send me an email or comment this with your info.
– Name
– Website
– Type of Website (Blog, etc..)


December 14 – I need help.

14 12 2007

7:39 AM EST: No, this isn’t another beg session for someone to code my layout. I need to know how I can improve this website. I would love ANY feedback. My hits are extremely low. Max of 4 hits lately. 😦 I really want to get more hits, because I feel like I am doing this for nothing; other than a log of my life for me. Any extra stuff I can put on here? Brushes, etc? Resources? Please, help me. I want my site to be not boring. Just send me an email, or press comment. Any words of what I can do will help me imensly.
+ I took off the music, it was annoying.

December 13 – HOLY CRAP!

13 12 2007

11:38 AM EST: I WASN’T TIRED THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fell asleep at 8:00 last night, just sitting on my bed listening to my iPod. HOLY CRAPP! I WASN’T TIRED!!!! I’M PROUD OF MYSELF. So, I know you all enjoy reading this, that’s why you come back. So.. why don’t you do me a favor? CODE MY LAYOUT! I’ll make you famous. 😀 😀 😀 Oh, by the way give me ideas of how I can improve my blog, if you could. Just comment this! Thanks!