January 11 – Announcement

11 01 2008

7:12 AM EST: As you may have seen, I did not post yesterday. To be honest, I can’t blog every day right now. So:
I will not be posting everyday until midterms are over. This is due to the fact that my teachers are giving so much work it’s insane, and this is a hobby; not a duty like school. I will be posting whenever possible. Sorry for the downtime! Upcoming Events: Midterms, a bunch of reviews, terrible amounts of homework, a play audition, play callbacks, and more. OK? I’ll be back when ever I can. But, for now I am officially on.. HIATUS


December 9 – B0R3D

9 01 2008

7:12 AM EST: I’m sorry for not posting yesterday; I had it typed, but I never hit publish. I R STOOPIDZ. Today its so windy outside, like 459072380549 mph. NO EXAGGERATIONZ. 🙂
ok wots up. nuthin? dats gud. I gotta take down my christmas countdown… ahahahhahah. I’m so lazy. I’ll post later.. l\/laybe.

January 7 – School’s Back :(

7 01 2008

7:11 A.M. EST: My alarm clock was extremely loud this morning; probably should have turned it down after I was blasting music… SCHOOLS BACK, and I was kinda ready, not really. Have a good day.

JANUARY (’08!!) 1 – Happy New Years!

1 01 2008

3:00 PM EST: I know, I know, I fail at life; I haven’t blogged in a week. I’m on break, so it’s not in my face all the time, every morning. Nothing has went on, except Christmas. I got a 8 GB iPod touch, an external hard drive, some really cool books, and a lot of really good DVD’s. Oh, I got 50 bucks in iTunes gift cards!! Yesterday was disappointing, I barely got to see the ball drop; my uncle was watching Entourage. But he turned it at the last second. 🙂 Happy New Years, Everyone! Last night it snowed 16 inches, and it’s still snowing. I have pics, and I may upload them at some time. Well, off to shovel! BTW: I may not blog until school starts, so don’t expect anything!