JANUARY (’08!!) 1 – Happy New Years!

1 01 2008

3:00 PM EST: I know, I know, I fail at life; I haven’t blogged in a week. I’m on break, so it’s not in my face all the time, every morning. Nothing has went on, except Christmas. I got a 8 GB iPod touch, an external hard drive, some really cool books, and a lot of really good DVD’s. Oh, I got 50 bucks in iTunes gift cards!! Yesterday was disappointing, I barely got to see the ball drop; my uncle was watching Entourage. But he turned it at the last second. 🙂 Happy New Years, Everyone! Last night it snowed 16 inches, and it’s still snowing. I have pics, and I may upload them at some time. Well, off to shovel! BTW: I may not blog until school starts, so don’t expect anything!





One response

1 01 2008

Happy New Years Justin! I see you live in Michigan too.. some snow we got right? I spent an hour snowblowing the driveway. Cool, 50 dollars in iTunes money.. i’m jealous. I’ve been inside all break getting fat reading the Twilight series, the most amazing book in the world!

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